I have released an Android mobile app that shows the list of demos available for download. With this you can check for any updates on the fly. Using this app will also help support my efforts. I'll add more to the app later on but for now it allows you to see the same list as on PC.
In the future I'll add the ability to click on a demo and see a brief history/description. I'll also add the region specs there. I'll also include notifications later to alert you if any new demos are added, which I will be adding more. Here's the link:

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Just update the demo archive with some new demos and apps. Full list of what was added after the break. As always, enjoy and happy gaming!!...

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Feel free to start downloading demos. Everything should be working now. I don't have all of the demos up yet but there's enough to get you started. I'll be adding the other demos soon. In case you missed the link, here it is again.

PDC Demo Archive

Use your PSP to get everything going. Enjoy!!
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I've been getting reports from members that some of the demos aren't working and some reporting that they can't download any of the demos. Although I've been able to run the demos myself through an emulator, I'm working as fast as I can to ensure they all work for everyone. I'll be getting a new psp later this week to double check each demo. I'll keep you all informed as to the progress. Thank you for your patience.
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Hello everyone. I'm sure everyone's been a bit bored without any demos to play. Although not all of these demo's have been tested, they are here for you to enjoy. Some of these demos I had to get directly from the dev teams. There are a couple in the list that weren't on the site or anywhere else before now. If you find any that don't work, please report it to me through PM and I will remove it until I can get it fixed. For now, click on the following link and enjoy these demos!

*Note: These demos can only be accessed from the PSP browser

As I come across more, I'll be sure to add them to the list.
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Results are In!

We would like to thank everyone for taking the survey and voicing their opinions/concerns. Survey results can be seen here. The entries we've received are invaluable to us as we privately discuss ideas for the future of the site. Your comments have provided us insight on what should come about to the successor of PDC.

Again, thank you everyone. We will see results soon. We hope you enjoy your holiday season.
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We, the staff, are eager to get PDC moving into a new generation. Our site has accomplished its original goal of providing PSP demos at ease and convenience for our visitors. On the side, the forums have blossomed into a great resource for our members to connect and get the information they needed. Time has come and gone. We have succeeded in our mission and we wish to bring about a new purpose in PDC. For this, we need your help ! We have discussed this privately, and our first step is to better understand your current needs and wants from a gaming site. Our moderator, Death, has created a survey that anyone can anonymously participate in -- you needn't log in. This is the first of many steps for us to improve on our final product. It is imperative that everyone participates. Thank you and we hope to present results soon.
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