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08-12-2008 21:33 GMT
I'll be updating this with both the suggestions that we here at PDC turned down and a brief explanation of why. This is to hopefully cut down on the same suggestions cropping up every week.

    Simply put chatting has more spam per unit volume than what is allowed here. Meaning it has a high spam density and while that is fun for those who like to talk about random topics its not the reason this site exists. Please use IMs or PMs if you feel the need to chat with other users.

    Aside from needing a large database to organize all the potential cheats/gamesaves/walk-throughs people would submit to the site ... there already exists many sites that have that database and organization already built and in place. This is where I direct all those who haven't made use of to head over there for for all there cheating and gamesaving and walk-throughing needs.

    Just as we attempt to keep chatting from cluttering up the site, we also try to remain as consistent and in touch with our roots as possible. There is little likelihood that this will change. There is a forum for Donators and Plus Members to which there is fewer limits on what can be talked about yet our policy, specifically about chatting and spam, is still enforced there.

    Advertising, taking up page space, and the additional moderation needed to keep the site presentable are all reasons why signatures aren't something the site is considering.

    Keeping the site loading as quickly as possible for the PSP has always been a top priority. Also we try to avoid cluttering up the screen too much and since the PSP has such a small area to display useful text we would like it to continue being as frugal as possible with what we add to any page for the PSP side of our site.

    Yes, we used to have portals here not only to download but also to help make. We ran into the problem that people started using our site to advertise through their portals. On top of that no matter how clear we were that portals aren't supported by this site and that they should contact the authors of the portals for support (installation specifically) we continued getting question after question about them. If you like portals, great! But you will need to find another place to get them as well as support them.

    The fact that we are NOT a site dedicated to building websites should be a clue that if you need help with HTML or web design then you need to find another place because we don't handle that here.

    Similar to chatrooms, we're not here to be a social hub. There are many other places that do it better than we could imagine and we're not even going to imagine because we don't want to be like everyone else. We got a particular purpose here and that's what we stick to.

    Yes, we used to support usermade flash games here by having a forum and a downloads section. The idea was to provide an adequate environment for people to make higher quality flash than what was seen elsewhere. The public forum ended up being 95% useless with people either saying something was good or bad, or asking when will it be finished. The private forum looked to eliminate all that garbage but ended up suffering because the flash artists that wanted to push the envelope of flash games on the PSP were constantly being limited by the PSP's ability to run advanced flash scripts. This too resulted in no decent games being made. In the end there were very little traffic to the flash area and it was eating up a great deal of our alloted bandwidth for the month and we opted to drop it completely. You can easily find many flash games all over and if you know of one that is PSP compatible and isn't in our link section then you should look over the submission policy and if it qualifies then submit it so others can enjoy some flash.

    The PSP Demo Center started off without forums, articles, private messages, news, media, themes, apps, clans, PS3 stuff, etc. That means we had demos and that is what the entire site was about when Sketch first purchased the domain name. Since then because either you asked for it, or we simply felt you needed it, the inclusion of all the stuff you see here was added over time. Our domain has stayed the same as it is a very popular domain name that is fairly well known. The last thing we want to do is change it and lose many of our visitors who may not have the site bookmarked. The other reason why we won't be changing the name of the site is because of the cost of purchasing domain names. It does cost money and if you aren't aware, we have never been financially well off. So, saving money is in our best interested, as well as keeping our current name.

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