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12-28-2008 15:30 GMT
Hopefully prior to posting threads here in this forum everyone will read this post as it will currently be the only stickied thread here.

This information should hopefully ensure that fewer useless posts are made concerning demos. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

Question: When are new demos coming out?
Answer: No one knows unless announced. If announced we will likely be talking about it in this forum.

Question: Will {insert name of game} ever have a demo?
Answer: Unless announced, no one knows if a game will have a demo. You should contact the developers of the game.

Question: Could you make a demo for {insert name of game}?
Answer: No, PDC does not make demos. We simply host them here.

Question: When is PSPdemocenter (aka PDC) going to get any demos?
Answer: Even if a demo is announced, we don't know if DRM will prevent us from hosting it.

Question: Why can't you put PlayStation Store demos on this site?
Answer: We could but no one could use them as they have DRM included in them.

Question: What is this DRM stuff about?
Answer: It simply locks demos to the PSP that originally was used to download the demo from the PS Store. Sharing is prevented.

Question: How do I install a demo using a PC?
Answer: Simply go HERE for instructions.

Question: How do I access other region's PlayStation Store?
Answer: You will need to make a separate PSN account and use it to log into the store. If you are using a PSP be sure to remove your previous account before attempting to sign in with the new one by pressing when the [Account Management] is selected.

Question: Why does the PS Store say I have insufficient space?
Answer: When downloading from the PSP's version of the Store you will require double the space. The temporary install files download and then it installs. After the installation those temporary install files get removed. To avoid this you can always use the PC or PS3 versions of the Store.

More Q&As will be added if needed. If you can think of one that is commonly asked yet isn't posted here please PM me

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