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06-13-2016 17:02 GMT
Hey Everyone!

It's that time of the year again for the Electronic Entertainment Expo! I'm planning on spending two days on the showroom floor this year, looking, browsing, and playing anything I can get my hands on! I'd like to hear if there was anything you guys wanted to know about in particular this year, or anything I should look out for in my travels? I'll be updating my list daily and providing as many updates as I can. Below is the list things I will be looking out for and gathering information on.

E3 Agenda

-Sony Booth
-Dishonored 2
-Fallout 4 VR
-Destiny Rise of Iron
-Gran Turismo Sport
-No Man's Sky
Note: I do have a pass for EA Play but it's only for Monday, but I will not have time to attend that. I do not know if there will be any EA names or booths at E3.

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06-14-2016 01:21 GMT
Can you check out E3 Live? I got a ticket to it for Thursday from 12PM-5PM, but I'm not sure if it's really worth driving two hours for...!


06-14-2016 03:00 GMT
I'm not going to be at E3 on Thursday unfortunately.


06-14-2016 10:39 GMT
Check out vicovr for me please? They're supposed to be there. I was gonna go this year but if rather wait for PS Experience in November


06-15-2016 00:12 GMT
Alrighty day one down. Here's what I checked out!

First thing actually got to sit down and play was Ghost Recon Woodlands. Even in it's early alpha stage, this game was phenomenal. The world size is comparable to the actual size of the skyrim map maybe? The game sends 4 people (Offline AI available as well) on missions across the in game world that can be approached from any way, like stealth or straight in guns blazing. The citizens of the region will respond to your actions based upon how you have treated them. They can either help or hinder you. The game still had quite a few bugs, and was in early alpha, but was an absolute blast to play. I played this on Xbox 1.

Next was Outlast II. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game, and jumped on the opportunity to play the second one. This game takes place deep in the heart of Arizona. The game was absolutely terrifyingly dark. Without very many spoilers, the game does a wonderful wonderful job portraying it's cult Lovecraftian atmosphere in a deserted desert area. This game will not be coming to VR immediately, but may be possible down the road. I was able to play this on Xbox 1.

Sony Booth: There's absolutely no reason to go over there it seems. You need to make an appointment with the Sony app to see anything.

I was able to watch a little bit of Gameplay for We Happy Few, but did not get the chance to play. This game is absolutely disturbing, and I love it.

Nothing really for last guardian present.

Went by the Bethesda Booth. They had a lot of similar things for Fallout 4 there from last year. There wasn't much in the way of Dishonored, but there was a cool room to walk through with pictures and gadgets. The Fallout VR had a really long line for it when I was there so that's on my agenda for tomorrow. I saw gameplay trailers for Skyrim remastered.... they can have my money... all of it.... just take it...

The GTSport was in a driving simulator thing, but again, needed an appointment.

I saw nothing for Destiny, Vicovr, or No Man's Sky, which I thought was really strange.

And this concludes my day one experience. E3 is packed this year.


06-19-2016 02:04 GMT
Hey, Death. How was day two?


07-01-2016 05:38 GMT
So sorry, I saw the post a while back but have been pretty busy lately, meant to get back to you later.

I didn't really do much else. E3 definitely went down in size. I got to play with a lot of the NVidia and Alienware stuff which was cool.

I also got to play Bloodstained, Ritual of the Night, and got to meet Koji Igarashi, Mr. Castlevania himself.


07-01-2016 22:49 GMT
Hey, don't worry about *it. Thanks.

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08-03-2016 18:18 GMT
#759262 Death :I also got to play Bloodstained, Ritual of the Night, and got to meet Koji Igarashi, Mr. Castlevania himself.

One of like 2 things I actually cared about at E3 since the Vita is dead as a doornail here in the west, and Nintendo has YET to show us what the NX actually is.
Also Ghost Recon looks like a huge step down from Future Soldier but its Ubisoft so large open world with next to nothing to do and having to periodically climb a tower to have bits of gameplay on the map.
God I hate how Ubisoft makes games.


03-06-2017 09:59 GMT
Whoa. Another E3 is coming for 2017 and this topic from last year is still kicking.

Anyone going this year? And what should we look forward to? Seems as if all the big things have already been released.

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