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06-24-2016 12:59 GMT
Hey all,

Some of you know I started experimenting with creating content with you guys on PSP, and one thing let to another;
A few years later I graduated from a Game Art study and started working at Paladin Studios
Back then we were a really small studio of about 12 people, now 3 years later we are with 30 and each year we get to talk to more and more promising partners.

So last year we were approached by none other then Bandai Namco, if we'd like to make a new Galaga title for mobile, and here we are:

It's in soft-launch right now which means it's only in select countries for now, but soon it'll be available globally, give it a download I'd say, it's really fun! (not just saying that because I worked on it, trust me haha)

I'd just thought I'd stop by here to kind of thank you guys and this site for giving me a platform to start out on back then.



06-25-2016 22:01 GMT
Hey man, that's pretty awesome. Congrats.


06-27-2016 05:50 GMT
That's awesome Benjami! I'm proud of you! Congrats! It's been a pleasure to see you grow

    I worked on a new Galaga title with Bandai Namco, cheers guys ;)
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