Site / PDC Competitions (Introduction)
Are you interested in setting up a competition here at PDC? That's nice, but for such an event to be acceptable there are certain criteria that must be met first.
    - There must be prizes to those who win. *
    - The prizes must substantial and PSP related. **
    - The rules for the competition must be presented clearly. ***
    - The competition itself must be fair.
    - All Policies at PDC should be adhered to.

    * wallpapers and/or themes are not prizes
    ** if it doesn't cost money then its not substantial
    *** deadlines, objectives, and structure are important
If you are interested in hosting a competition then you should have all of the stuff above sorted out and then you can present it in a PM to phinal. We are only going to ever have one competition running at any one time and we'll be attempting to keep them to about a month or two in length.

Also we're going to keep a history of the competitions run in conjunction with PDC. We have yet to really run any serious competition but some of our members put a lot of effort into providing members with a way to be creative and compete for fun and prizes.

Currently the only competition where we publicly held votes and such was mental_atom's Custom Skin Competition. I'll be keeping all the competition's info on separate pages.
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