Hello everyone, this is Jesse (some might know me as "phinal"), and I have been the one in charge of the host servers here at the PSP Demo Center for over four years now. I've had to deal with the hassle of exceeding hidden limits on quite a few hosts because PDC has been too popular for its own good at times. I want to share with you my experiences of dealing with different types of hosts and what to watch out for if you ever choose to take the plunge and start your own website.

The very first host we had (Yahoo) dropped a huge bomb on us around the end of May 2007 with the estimated cost of $2000 and up a month to keep using their servers. They shut us down early in June because we refused to pay such a high price for a site that was pulling in absolutely zero income. We spent the month of June attempting to find a site that would provide us with adequate hosting.

So we came across a host that promised on their site and when we called them directly that there would be no data caps on how much data bandwidth we were allowed to use a month. They were quite a bit more expensive and because of their promise, we felt that we were making a good choice. Sadly, within the first month or two of using the new host, we started experiencing them shutting our service down without warning because we were exceeding a limit which they refused to explain clearly. We inquired about how there weren't supposed to be any monthly limits, yet we were being shutdown due to some sort of limit they have conjured up. Their reply was that we were using too much processing power on the server. Basically, too many people were on the site at the same time accessing too many large files. So we ended up paying them more money for better service, and at the same time I tried my best to limit the parts of the site that were potentially using unnecessary CPU processing. It would seem to work out fine for awhile, but every couple months, history would repeat and we would be shutdown and asked to pay more money. We even got to the point where we were paying for a dedicated server, which is basically having our own computer that was dedicated to PDC and only PDC. This was to solve the issue of CPU overload because at that point if the server suffered then it would be only our site that would be affected. It was two days after getting our own dedicated server that they shut us down yet again, and explained that our bandwidth, that was supposedly unlimited, was maxing out their pipeline to the internet. We were told that our dedicated server was accessing 95% of their resources and that for them to upgrade to handle our site that we would need to pay about $20 every five minutes (over $8000 a month). We finally were fed up with them, and during the holidays of 2007, we said goodbye to these thieves (sorry, but their name has been stripped out of my memory).

It took us quite awhile, but we found a place to call home. That place was called eBoundHost.com, and they assured us that we would not face any of the problems that we experienced with our previous hosts. They assured us that we would never be forced into upgrading, nor would we be shut down because they didn't like how many people were on the site at the same time. There were some difficulties at first because we were shuffling all of our domain names from multiple places. Every domain name of ours was supposed to point to the new host's server. There were issues with our previous hosts because they didn't want to relieve the domain names that we owned. It became a struggle and eBoundHost was with us every step of the way. They were informative and walked us through the process of reclaiming the domain names that were practically being held ransom. The guys on tech support were friendly and were available 24 hours a day to take your call and provide the best service possible. It was unreal how much better the experience was with this company from the very start.

It has been over 3 years now of using their services. While there has been problems every now and then, the issues were all minor and they have been able to keep PDC running at a very affordable cost. I want to thank them for their dedication and respect that they have given our site over the years. And lastly, I can't stress enough that if you are looking for a trust worthy site that is always dependable, then look no further. eBoundHost.com is hands down the only place that I would recommend to anyone. I proudly use their hosting services anytime someone I knows asks me to set a website up for them, and I hope any of you who trust me and understand the depths of my honesty, choose eBound as your host. You won't regret it.
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