There are two reasons why people get their name changed here.

#1 = Username is offensive or inappropriate. This is decided by the staff. Either by their own accord OR if numerous complaints appear that are then taken into consideration.

#2 = The user has donated or sponsored the site. This doesn't allow for users to constantly change their name as its only ever been done once and there would have to be a really important reason for it to be changed a second time.


Why are these the only two circumstances? ... Because the site currently has approx 15,000 users with a couple hundred appearing every day, the task of altering people's login names would be insurmountable.

How can I get my named changed? ... If you are not a donator or sponsor then you'll first need to think about donating or sponsoring this site. It is a very important way of keeping the place going and the site is truly appreciative of all the help it receives. That is why this service is provided to them. So if you've helped us out then all you need to do is PM me and we'll discuss the specifics.

Further questions can be directed towards me via PM
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