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Quick Rules you MUST follow :
    + No custom firmware talk or mentioning it
    + No talk about piracy (aka getting stuff for free unlawfully)
    + No disrespecting members
    + No one word posts
    + No Advertising
    + Dont quote or reply to someone who broke the rules, PM a mod instead
    + No swearing


   Our guidelines that you must follow.
   List of all of our policies that provides information about how the site operates.
Demo Information
   Answers to frequently asked questions concerning all types of demos.
Biggest memory stick thread
   How large memory sticks can get and what brands the PSP uses.
Youtube FAQ's
   Reason why the PSP cant play youtube videos.
What game should I get OR is this game good?
   What you should know before asking why you should buy a certain game.
Site Suggestions
   See the rejected ideas before you submit a suggestion.

PSP Demo Center Podcast

This is our official podcast, also known as the PDCast.
It was originated by Sp@rky and is now in the hands of djratchet.
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The Staff
The administrative staff at PDC that keeps this place up and running.

Jesse (previously phinal) || Sketch (previously admin)

The moderators that keep the site clean.

User List of Moderators

The moderators that have since retired from their duties.

User List of Retired Staff
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