Author: Jesse
Date submitted: 06-03-2009 03:25

fixes stuck pixels

Not much to this little trick except possibly an explanation.

There are two things that can happen to an LCD that causes little dots to appear on your screen; Stuck Pixel or Dead Pixel.

If the pixel is stuck then it can be any color and basically means the pixel is still good but for some reason or another it is stuck in place and won't change to another color. This is the case in which you want to use PDC's Pixel Fixer, which is simply an animated GIF that flashes between Red, Green, and Blue very quickly. Let the animation run for a couple minutes and then simply click the button to return to this page. Be certain that you have Animations setting enabled or this won't be doing you much good.

The other problem would be a dead pixel. This means the pixel is burnt out and would only be black. This problem can not be fixed with an animated GIF but rather will require a replacement LCD screen if you wish to have all 130,560 in working order.

Click the image above to go to start the Pixel Fixer and click again to stop the Pixel Fixer.

Warning: this may cause seizures if you watch the animation, avoid doing so if at all possible.

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