Hopefully you're finding this and it is going to answer all your questions about Private Messages, which will be referred to as PMs for the rest of this page.

Lets start out by saying that there aren't any limits to how many PMs you are allowed to send or receive.

There are, however, limits to how long the messages stay in our server because of the overwhelming popularity of our messaging system.

PM threads = removed after 14 days of inactivity (basically not replied to)

Now that you know how long you have to read the your PMs till they disappear, let me inform you on what to avoid so that your don't get yourselves in trouble.

If you read our Privacy Policy, then you know that we have the ability and responsibility for keeping this place both family friendly and void of illegal activity. We also don't appreciate those who use our services to spam advertise other sites. We don't read your stuff unless either you are reported for doing inappropriate stuff or our server notifies us of the illicit use of our services. Be fully aware that our site is as secure as we can make it but you should not be sending any sort of sensitive information (such as your bank or credit card info) using our site. You are better off using a safer form of communication such as encrypted email services (such as gmail).

We provide this to help people communicate but don't get it confused with it being your right. It is a privilege and we hope you respect our wishes since we have worked very hard to provide this to the community.

For further questions contact me via PM
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