The following is a semi-informal way of making sure you, a members of PDC, are aware of the lengths we go when it comes to your Privacy here at the PSP Demo Center.

We don't take any of your Personal Information and give it to anyone unless there is a legal reason in doing so. All info in your profile is blocked from non-members. So, for example, people who aren't signed in can't see your Skype or Preferred Messenger Name in your Profile.

This means you won't get any spam in your Inbox because of signing up here.

Now another topic of interest is our policy for the Private Messaging (or PM) system.

The reason they are called private messages is because they aren't able to be viewed by the public.

We have tools here are allowed to monitor when people are using our services inappropriately. This doesn't mean we read every message you send but it does help us track down those who are breaking the rules.

Let me repeat, the Rules of this site are upheld both publicly and privately. The reason is to be sure the site isn't being used for illegal purposes such as piracy or unauthorized purposes such as advertising or disrespecting others. We have legal and ethical obligations and we do so with the utmost care.

Never will a Private Message be shared, nor will any information about any of our members be made public. They are for system administrative use ONLY, and that means that only staff members are privileged to anything mentioned in them.

By signing up and using the services provided by PDC, you agree to policies such as this one. Failure to respect our policies may result in termination.

Further questions on this matter may be directed to me via PM
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