NOTE: There is a new Custom Theme Converter version available HERE, that makes themes for firmware 6.20 and up.

The following briefly details what it takes to get a theme submitted and put up in our Usermade PSP Themes section.

    - You must be the author ... you are not allowed to submit other people's work (neither with or without their consent).
    - Keep it PG-13 ... we have a majority of minors here and this is for their benefit.
    - Must have 2 files ... a .ptf theme file AND a .jpg preview image.
    --- the .ptf file ... must be made using the most recent Custom Theme Converter and have a proper title & product ID #.
    --- the .jpg file ... must be 300x170 pixels in size and show what your theme looks like.
    - Files must be hosted here @ PDC ... no other host is allowed.
    - URLs must have http:// ... if you submit a URL without http:// at the beginning it will be rejected.

Allow up to 7 days for your submission to be approved.
If after 7 days and you want to know where your submission is, contact me

Now if you understand everything, proceed HERE (for the time being we are not accepting any more themes) to submit a Usermade PSP Theme.
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