Date: 06-04-2011 05:30
Author: Jesse

It was 6 weeks between Sony taking the PlayStation Store down in the later part of April, and them getting it back up and working just about 100 hours ago. To celebrate the return of the PSS we're going to be having a little bit of a giveaway to celebrate all those lovely error codes that we continue to while trying to access the PSN. Six weeks down = six prizes to be given away. Prizes are going to depend mainly on where you live and what I can get my hands on. More details after the break.

Who Can Enter?
This is going to be open to everyone except for me ... I'd feel a little weird giving prizes to myself. This includes Members, Core Members, Plus Members, Donators, Moderators, Editors, and Retired Staff. The only exception is that your registration date here at PDC (the date that you made your account) must be before June 4th, 2011.

How Long Is The Giveaway?
I think we'll run it over the next week. Allowing us to soak up all the goodness of E3 news and even involve E3 into this contest a little. So an ending date and time of Sunday June 12th at 11:59pm sounds decent enough. As long as you get it in by that time in your timezone you will be safe.

How To Enter The Contest?
You will need a PSP and/or a PS3, a way to take a picture (cellphone camera photos will be fine), a PDC account in good standings (sorry everyone who is banned, this contest isn't for you), and the ability to follow instructions (like the ones provided in this contest). You will be emailing your entries to and the title of the email MUST be "PDC's Welcome Back Program" (without the quotes). If you mix up the capitalization, the spelling, add more to the title, or send multiple emails, you will be disqualified.

The contents of the email needs to contain the following;
    PDC username: (spelling counts!)
    Favorite newly announced E3 thing: (meaning that the thing wasn't known prior to E3) **
    Favorite PS game of 2011 so far: (PSP, PS3, Minis, PSone, etc...)
    Favorite upcoming PS game of 2011: (can possibly include "NGP" titles, if they announce them for release in 2011)
    Favorite "upgrade" to PDC within the last 5 months: (don't pick something that was done prior to 2011)

    And lastly ... you need to attach a photo to the email.

** this means you shouldn't be emailing me about a game or hard or software until E3 comes along

The photo needs to be a picture of the PS Store on either your PSP or PS3. And there needs to be a hand written note (legibility is a MUST) with only your PDC username on it visible in the photo. Any photo-shopping hi-jinks will not be tolerated. For those who don't have a camera, just borrow a cellphone with a camera to take a quick snapshot. I suggest taking a few images and picking the best (easiest to read) photo to submit.

How Will Winners Be Picked?
As stated earlier, there will be six winners selected at random from those who successfully get that email in by the time mentioned earlier. Once a list is compiled of the contestants, a random number generator online will be used to select the six winners. At that point depending on where you live you'll have a variety of prizes to pick from.

What Are Some Prizes To Expect?
While this list can be changed by adding and taking away prizes based on where you live and the availability of the prizes. Here are what can be expected at this point.
    - 12 month Donator status at PDC (can be used by the winner or gifted to a friend)
    - $20 PSN card (availability depends directly on where you live)
    - PS+ 3 month membership (again, depends where you live)
    - more prizes are possible and will likely be mentioned on our Facebook/Twitter pages

Hope that covers everything. If you have any questions about any of this be sure to shoot me a private message ... And good luck!
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