Date: 06-15-2008 10:03
Author: Ebram


There are many cool images that you find online that you may want to use as your PSP's wallpaper but they may not be made for the PSP (their resolution is not 480x272). So here is a very simple way of making the images fit the PSP screen without the need of a PC or any web based programs.
    Step 1) Open the image that you want from the XMB.
    Step 2) While pressing move the analog upwards or downwards to zoom in or out until its on the screen the way you want it as your background.
    Step 3) Press and select 'Set as wallpaper'

Enjoy but be aware that you aren't really editing the image at all. The PSP simply is taking a screen shot of your zoom but the original image will remain its original unaltered size.
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