Date: 06-15-2008 19:19
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSP
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Studio 9

Pump It Up EXCEED Portable came out in Korea Nov 30, 2006. PIU EXCEED is also one of the first music games for the PSP. PIU EXCEED can be bought at Play-Asia for only $12.90 USD.

Gameplay: PIU EXCEED Portable is played out like DDR with a twist. Instead of the arrow panels being Left, Up, Down, Right, they are up-left, up-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, and a center panel. You would think that it would create more difficult, but it wont. Buttons are mapped very weirdly. Bottom-left panel is the down button, up-left panel is the up button, center panel is either right or square buttons, up-right panel is the triangle button, and the bottom-right panel is the X button. Controls for the FreeStyle difficulty are doubled. You would have to play both 1 player & 2 player sides, which is to difficult. Even the menus have a hard time to go threw. When selecting a song, you have to use the down, X, L, R, and select buttons. Down button is to move left, X is to move right, the L & R buttons are to select different channels, and select is to go back to te menu. Its almost to confusing to navigate threw the menus.

Modes: There are multiple modes that can be played in PIU EXCEED Portable. Home mode, Arcade mode, & last Sudden Death mode. In Home mode, you could play songs that you have unlocked over time you played the game. Arcade mode you unlock songs to play. You first have to beat three songs to play a bonus song. After you have played through the fours songs, you get an code for an Internet Ranking. Lastly there is the Sudden Death mode, which in this mode you cant miss one beat. After time you unlock songs in the Arcade mode you get a Videos mode. The Videos mode lets you play the videos of the songs that you unlocked.

Lasting Appeal: Pump It Up EXCEED Portable contains a whopping 94 songs. The songs are are in 3 different channels. Pop, K-pop, & Banya are the 3 channels. Each song has its own difficulty in each difficulty modes (confusing :blank). There is normal, hard, crazy, freestyle , & nightmare. Plus, the since each songs has its own difficulty there are rated in both levels & BMP (Beats Per Min.). The levels & BMP change depending on the difficulty you set it on. Just saying all of this is confusing but you would get the hang of it. Sometimes the channels feel like it has it own difficulty, for an example: the channel Banya has the hardest songs the any other songs. Sadly the downfall, is that each song is about 1min 30 long. But you would spend a long to beat alls songs an unlock the videos mode.

Design: Menus look beautifully. It has the design of DJ Max Portable. But its typical with this design between all music games from Korea or Japan. Selecting a song even looks a beaut. Video are the also looks beautifully. Each video has its own "story" if you could call it that. Especially when you unlock the videos mode, you get to watch each video instead of getting distracted by pressing buttons.

Translation: Get ready to be happy because the game is in English :love. All you need to do is go to the options menu an change the language to English. But songs are in both English & Korean.

Presentation: 9
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 8.5
Translation: 10
Import price: 10
Overall: 9.14
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