Date: 06-30-2008 15:52
Reviewer: Cam

Type: PSP
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Japan Studio

Patapon is kind of like playing drums, but on PSP. It has very challenging levels also.

The gameplay is fun. You are the Mighty Patapon that leads your little Patapon eyeball men into war. The challenging part is, after all the little men except one die, you get the good old ďMission FailedĒ on the screen. The controls may be a bit complicated when you first start the game, but after awhile, you get to learn the controls. After mastering the controls, you start learning rhythms that can make your Patapon men attack, charge forward, etc. Each level has its own challenges and some people even join your side for a level.

The sounds are good. The sound is an important thing in the game. You have to press buttons in the rhythm of the sound. If you have the sound off, then it is very hard to play the game.

The graphics look like cartoons. The graphics are well made so when you and your Patapons are moving, it isnít blurry; it is just the same as if you where still and not moving at all. If you hate looking at cartoons, than I recommend you donít get this game. If you do like cartoons, itís the exact opposite.

The lifespan to me, is a good length. There are lots of challenging levels and some can be very hard. Overall, the lifespan is very good.

The only downs for the game are mainly the sound and there is no multiplayer. The sound down is because after awhile, your battery can run really low. There is no multiplayer, which I thought was a letdown when I bought the game, but the game is so fun anyways, that multiplayer doesnít really matter.

One great thing about the game that I would like to point out, is that it really helps you play drums. I mainly bought this game because I am a drummer. It has really helped me with my rhythm when I drum.

Overall, Patapon is great game with a good price tag.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 10
Lifespan: 9
Overall: 9.25
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