Date: 09-01-2009 12:54
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: PSP
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Zipper Interactive

The Navy SEALs are once again defending freedom where ever it is threatend. SOCOM Tactical Strike is a new departure for the popular SOCOM series on the PSP. Featuring a new style of gameplay it has gained scorn from dedicated SOCOM fans, and great applause from those who took the time to get into it.

First thing to remember with Tactical Strike, everything you remember from Fireteam Bravo or any previous PS2 SOCOM, FORGET!

The story in Tactical Strike is pretty forgetable. The game starts out in the Panamanian US Embassy. The Panamanian Prime Minister is convincing the US Ambassador that recent insurgent activity is being dealt with, and the insurgency isn't anywhere near the city. And guess who shows up knocking down the door? Thats right! The very same guerillas that the Prime Minister JUST said were nowhere near the city. Pretty cliche, so thats the twists you can expect if you follow the story. But in true SOCOM fashion, if your playing it, 90% chance you don't care 1 bit about the story.

ALL previous SOCOMs where played in 3rd person as you control 1 SEAL and command another SEAL (In the FTB games), or 3 SEALs (SOCOMs 1,2,3 or CA). Tactical Strike is played COMPLETELY different. Older SEALs return in this game, WRAITH, BRONCO, KAHUNA and AZTEC. But you can pick other special forces from other countries. But in the end they're all the same, so it doesn't really matter which special forces you pick. Slant Six decided to take SOCOM in a new direction for their first game with the series. (Previous games where developed by Zipper.) You play as a 4 man SEAL team. You don't control 1 in a 3rd person view, you give orders to all 4 SEALs at once. You can choose which fireteam to give orders to, ABLE and BRAVO, or the individual unit. Circle allows you to bring up the movement cursor, once you bring your cursor to the point you want your SEAL(s) to move you can select stealth to position, move to position or move with cover. Stealth to position makes your selected unit(s) sneak to the afore mentioned point. Move makes them run there. Covering works differently. If you select ABLE move with cover, BRAVO will keep their position, and engage any targets in the area while ABLE runs to the point. This can also be done with individual fireteams. If you select BRONCO move with cover, WRAITH will cover BRONCO while he moves. This only works with the SEAL in their fireteam.

WRAITH and BRONCO cover each other, and KAHUNA and AZTEC cover each other. KAHUNA can't cover WRAITH, for example. Square allows you to use items. Positioning the reticule on an enemy allows that SEAL to snipe if they have a sniper rifle. Pressing square lets you throw frag grenades, launch M203 grenades and use med-kits. X is for action. Pressing X will let you set your SEAL(s) to either hold fire, or fire at will. You can alow set a field of fire, where they will engage any targets in that set feild. Or suppression fire, like field of with, they will shoot at any targets in that area, driving them back to cover. If the reticule is held over an enemy you can select attack target. But it the desired target is close enough and hasn't spotted you, you can perform a knife kill. Many actions are based on what you are pointing the reticle at. As you continue through the story you can buy new guns with the CE you've earned. And use skill points to upgrade your team. There's ALOT of weapons in the arsenal, so if you get bored with the arsenal, you've got PLENTY of time on your hands. After you finish the campaign you can go through it again but choose different insertion points. Or try instand action missions that have preset, uneditable load-outs, that often have you sneaking past enemies for an objective or caught in a hellish firefight.

Online, isn't Tactical Strike's strongest point. Since most of the SOCOM community have shunned TS theres almost NO ONE who plays online. But most of the same gametypes return. Mic chat is available. Number 1 problem is that you cannot have less than 4 players in a room or the game will stop. So its pretty annoying once you finally get a game going and a noob leaves because he died a noob's death.

SOCOM Tactical Strike is a really great tactical based game. Most reviews are bad and most people don't like it because people assume its like older SOCOM games and run in guns ablaze. That doesn't work in this game, is called "tactical" strike for a reason.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Replay: 8
Sound: 9
Online: 5
Overall: 8
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