Date: 09-04-2008 17:27
Reviewer: Ebram

Type: PSP
Genre: Racing
Developer: Criterion Games

Are you bored from very slow cars and traffic jams and really need to drive cars with spaceships powers ,then lets imagine or get ready to play Burnout Dominator. Well I almost finished about 98% of the game to be sure that I didn't miss anything and that I can tell you all about it.

First, when you begin playing you will have one series with one car unlocked so it is really hard to unlock other cars using only that slow car. Also the game is be very difficult since cars are light as a feather and almost will fly when you boost but it takes a very short time to get used to these cars.

One of the things that make Burnout Dominator one of the best racing games is the boost. It takes few seconds to fill your boost bar if you are drifting or driving on the oncoming lane. Also there are two types of boost, not just one. A red one and a stronger blue one which is because you can recharge while boosting the blue boost and you can score multiple boost chains which helps you a lot if you are playing a maniac game.

The game has 36 cars distributed on 7 series each having 5 cars except the dominator series which has 6. There is really good collection of cars beginning from the old classics all the way to the super race cars which makes you confused and can not choose a car. But one thing that I hate is that you can't choose you rivals cars and their cars are from the same series of your car.

Also the game has a lot of tracks in different areas like on the highway, in the valleys, or even underground. So you will never get bored and never forget the burnout HQ feature which allows you to download new tracks directly from the internet! (Note that these servers have been shutdown)

So I talked about the game features now lets talk about sounds, graphics, and gameplay.

Sounds: No better crashing and explosion sounds like these. They will rock your ear when you take down a rival or crash you car into a wall so set your headphones volume as low as you can. Also the game has 36 rock tracks that you can select when and where do you want to listen to them, which is a very nice option.

Graphics: This worst part of the game. Graphics aren't very good and I was shocked when i discovered that graphics differ from one track to another. This isn't very good, especially since this game is made by EA.

Gameplay: The game is very fast so I can't review this part. LOL, I am joking. The gameplay is very good with those fast cars. The cars responds quickly to your orders and the controls were set to be easy for the player. One bad thing about the game play is that the race loads slowly and if you restart a race it will have to reload as well. This is quite boring!

Multiplayer: You can play with your friends in either hotseat mode (up to 4 players) or ad-hoc mode (up to 5 players). It is a shame that there isn't any infrastructure mode, aka online play.

I really recommend this game for anyone who loves racing and drifting games.

Graphics: 8.5
Gameplay: 9
Multiplayer 8.5
Sound: 9.5
Life span: 9
Overall: 9
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