Date: 10-01-2008 17:29
Reviewer: Ronsen

Type: PSP
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Now Production

PQ is a very easy to pick up and play game but it is also a very hard game to put down, I spent about 2 hours playing it and was only at the start of what was to come. It is a Puzzle/Action game, that can keep your brain so stretched it feel like taffy.

The concept of the game is to get to the level exit by Walking, Running and Climbing your way to the end, how you get there though that is the trouble some levels may look very simple at a glance but can turn into a nightmare, 1 level consists of a box you must place on a button platform, when the button is pushed in it activates a laser wall that slowly gains on you, and if you drop the glass box it shatters and you have no way of surviving, it was probably the level I enjoyed the most.

I enjoyed the graphics all though they arenít like most games where they push the PSP graphics wise and not for gameplay, the easiest way to describe the graphics is they look like Tron (For those who no the game Tron) and the Virtual Trainer from Madden 09.

The fact of there not being any multiplayer did disappoint at first but as the game went on I learned that making a multiplayer out of this game would be difficult, as having lag or disconnection from a server being the culprit of many frustrating hours, so no multiplayer doesn't always make it a bad game as in this one it exceeds all other single player games by a long shot

It took me about 5 hours to beat every level (Yes I went back and completed the ones I skipped) I recommend this game to anyone who likes Puzzle games that rack your brain dry.

At a low price of $10-$19.99 US it is a great buy and will leave you wanting to play more.

If you are looking for the next game to add to your PSP library then definitely consider this one as it is a surefire hit

I also suggest trying the Intelligent License 2 demo located in the downloads section ... HERE. The name is different, because this is the name given to the series in Japan, and yes, it is the sequel, but is practically the same game.

Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 8.75
Gameplay: 10
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 9.1
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