Date: 12-29-2008 10:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSP
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Housemarque

Super Stardust Portable is a shooting game for the PSP that was only released on the PS Store. Same goes for the game it is based on Super Stardust HD. But was really a sequel for the game called Super Stardust 96 which was released for the PC in the early in 96 (Name says it). Housemarque (developers of the game) was previously two companies named Bloodhouse & Terramarque, which is why there name is called Housemarque. There was also a add-on pack that was released for both versions of the Super Stardust HD & Portable, named "Solo Pack Add-ON". When I say SSP it means Super Stardust Portable not space solar power.

Gameplay: SSP plays like an classic arcade shooter. You go around an shoot planetoids (asteroids) and every thing that comes at you. Almost like a better "Asteroids" game with a little pizazz. Ok there are three modes in SSP:

Arcade Mode: "Clear a planet to gain access to a new planet. Strive for the ultimate global arcade high score!"

Ok for this mode you go through all levels on a certain difficulty. Each planet contain (about) 5 phases, and there are 5 planets so there is about 25 phases. Each phase contain a different wave of enemies. As you progress through the phases they get harder to beat and you end up trying to fend of bosses.

Planet Mode: "Play any of the unlocked planets and shoot for the top high score of the global planet high score list."

All this mode is, "picking the a level that you want to play over & over again". There is not much to say about this mode.

Impact Mode: "Charge through enemies with the new impact booster! Weapon disabled."

Impact mode is the best mode out of the game (And it's truly the only "off" mode there is). Ok, for this mode you use your booster to fight off the planetoids. There are these blue planetoids that pop-up throughout the level, you use these to extend your booster and fight off enemies. You also get to use a few bombs in this level. Impact Mode will be the only mode you will play in this hole (At least to me).

Ok there are 4 weapons you use in this game. Ice splitter, rock crusher, gold melter & your good old antimatter bombs. Each weapon is more effective on a certain planetoids. There are many (only three) different planetoids ice, rock, and gold. Ice splitter is well more effective against ice planetoids, rock crushers (hint title) more effective against rock planetoids, gold melter (once again, hint title) most effective against gold. While antimatter bombs destroys every thing on-screen. But is seems like you will only use the gold melter since it make the game look good. You can also upgrade the weapons from the items that pop-up from the green colored rocks you blasted up. Once it goes up to 100% your not done yet, you can even put it through overdrive making its range bigger to pwn your enemies out there minds. The game seems to be at its best when you start to get your weapon to overdrive. Especially when there is a screen full of enemies and you have no more bombs, then switch your weapon to gold melter and hold all buttons (Triangle, circle, square, x) then it will spin like a whip (the weapon is a whip.But at the end the game feels very limited for $9.99 but it is a good game while it last. But there is a solo pack that came out for both games. It adds 3 modes, and its only $4.99

Graphics/Presentation: There is not much to say but "this game look good!". It runs at 60 frames per second. This game can stand-up up to its big brother Super Stardust HD. This game looks fantastic for being a PSP game. I even love the menu design. It will remind you of some classic game's of the past .

Last Note: Its good while it last. But when you get this game get the add-on pack for it. Also get the ps3 version too. Plus do not compare this game to everyday shooter. There two different game genres.

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 7.5
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 5.5
Overall: 7.5
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