Date: 01-15-2009 15:04
Author: Jesse


PSP Game Saves
Before you go any further, know that you MUST have a PC in order to download a PSP Game Save from the internet and install it properly on your PSP. This is because you have to be able to place files into a folder located in the :\PSP\SAVEDATA\ directory on your memory stick. The PSP doesn't allow you to make the folder, nor does it allow you to save files to that directory.

Once you have a PC, your PSP, and the correct USB cable, you should be ready to rock and roll.

You need to find a Game Save that will work for the game you own. This can be tricky because if you download a Game Save that was made from a European copy of some game, it won't work with your N.American copy of the game. The best place to find Game Saves is currently You simply have to find the game in their database and then click on the "Saves" tab. There you will find a list of user submitted Game Saves along with a link to submit your own Game Save if you wish. When you find the Game Save that you want to install simply download it to your desktop (you can download it elsewhere but it is easier to find on the desktop).

Right click the zip file and choose 'Extract All...' to bring up the Extraction Wizard (built into Windows XP and Vista). Click the 'Extract' button and after a few seconds a new window will popup with a single folder in it and should have 4 letters followed by 5 numbers and then depending on the Game Save a combination of letters and numbers.

An example of a Game Save for the N.American version of Lumines ... ULUS10002LUMINES ... this is the Game Save's folder you need to copy onto the PSP's memory stick. Right click this folder and select 'Copy'.

The easiest way is hooking the PSP up to the PC via USB. Once the PSP is detected you usually see a popup asking what you want to do, select "Open folder to view files" which will open a window which has your PSP's folders listed. Open the PSP folder ... then open the SAVEDATA folder. This is the location you want to copy the Game Save's folder. Right click on a blank area of this window and select 'Paste'. After a few seconds of transferring the Game Save folder (files are contained) you are ready to disconnect your PSP from the PC and see if the Game Save you downloaded and installed works.

NOTE: if when trying to copy the Game Save over it asks if you want to overwrite an existing folder that is because your Game Save is currently in the way. You can either backup your old save or overwrite it. The easiest way to backup your old Game Save is by simply renaming it ... from ULUS10002LUMINES to old-ULUS10002LUMINES ... or something to that effect. So if you want to go back to using your original Game Save you simply delete the new Game Save and rename the original Game Save folder back to it's original name.

PSone Game Saves
All the above pretty much applies for PSone games as they do with PSP games. The only thing that will be slightly different is that they will have folder names that look like SCUS94608 instead of the common ULUS or UCUS prefixes. All the instructions above apply so if you know how to install a PSP game save then you should have no troubles with a PSone game save.
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