Date: 08-13-2008 15:47
Reviewer: Jesse

Type: PS3
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Sony's Japan Studios

You should be able to find this game in every region's PlayStation Store. Not that you should go run out and buy this tetris-like puzzler. In fact you might want to do the opposite and avoid this purchase as if it where the plague. I purchased it during a drought of PSN titles worth buying and it was only very inexpensive, so I don't regret the purchase too much.

This game is a very very casual game. One that is geared at those who don't blink twice with a $3 price tag and want to get a few hours worth of gaming from it. I played it only single player even though it has the option for two player off-line multiplayer. The biggest complaint I have is that it was just too boring to keep my attention. The graphics aren't amazing or anything but they aren't bad either. They are simply bland and fairly average looking, but in no way would you consider it ugly. They do have free downloadable content which basically are theme packs to give the game a holiday or seasonal look. I only ever tried the Halloween theme and it didn't do enough for me to play it more than a couple more times. I really can't complain about the controls or the game mechanics. They both are easy enough to pick up and smooth to the point that it really comes down to playing and picking up the skills you need to do well at the game. It really is fun factor that is missing from the game and the hopes that it was more like Tetris, Lumines, or my favorite drop down puzzler Dr. Mario.

If you are use to spending $10 to see a two hour long movie in the theaters you can get about as much entertainment from this game for a fraction of the cost but it definitely doesn't feel as satisfying. If you have a few bucks lying around and want to pick up a game that maybe you can play with your little brother or sister, then I say why not pick it up?

Gameplay: 7
Replayability: 3
Controls: 8
Value: 9
Overall: 6
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