Date: 03-06-2009 04:25
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PS3
Genre: Beat'em Up
Developer: Deadline Games

Watchmen: The End Is Night is a prequel to the of the Watchmen movie, which is the comic book strip "Watchmen". This is the first episode of the game. More are supposed to come later this year.

PS Store Description: The lines between good and bad have been blurred and crime and terror run rampant in the streets. And now Underboss - in a daring escape - has escaped prison and is ruling with vicious darkness. The city need saviors and only masked vigilantes answer the call. Play the demo and experience Watchmen’s unlawful brand of justice as Nite Owl and Rorschach team up to brutally take down the ruthless gangs and street thugs.

Gamplay: In Watchmen: TEIN, you get to play as one two players, Rorschach and Nite Owl. Rorschach is the one with the ink mask thing, and Night Owl is the rip of Batman (I think its the other way around, Night Owl has a better personalty then Batman). Since this game takes place before the comic it tells the more story of the Night Owl/ Rorschach partnership of them two. The game contains a beat 'em up system which is a huge downfall for the game. It has very sloppy animations & sluggish controls. Plays like a copy of "The Matrix: Path of Neo". Which is both bad & good at times.

This game features 6 chapters. So its very short then a average game. Only one level contains a boss. This is very disappointing for a $20 game. Enemies are very stupid, so don't expect the AI to get any more harder then what it is. There are Strong & Light attacks, with finishers. But Night Owls finishers don't have any pzazz (I hope I used the right word). Rorschach on the other hand has good looking finishers.

The game last about 1 hour - 2 hours so its very short. It contains comic book style cut-scenes. And yes, it has Trophie support.

Turbo (Bronze) Complete the game in less than 80 minutes, in one session without restarting from a checkpoint.
Shield (Bronze) Dodge or block 25 incoming attacks.
Retaliator (Bronze) Perform 200 counter attacks.
Strong Arm (Bronze) Knock 100 people over, by throwing other people into them.
Exterminator (Bronze) Perform 250 finishing moves.
Untouchable (Bronze) Go unharmed for an entire level, without restarting from a checkpoint
Vigilante (Bronze) Eliminate 20 bad guys in 101 sec .
Detective (Silver) Find all abilities and pick-ups in Nite Owl mode.
Hero (Silver) Complete the game in Nite Owl mode.
Psycho (Silver) Complete the game in Rorschach mode.
Thief (Silver) Find all abilities and pick-ups in Rorschach mode.
Teamwork (Gold) Complete the game in co-op mode.

Surprisingly no online multiplayer, just you and a friend fighting over to who can play Rorschach. That's a big no for a $20 game to have no online multiplayer.

Graphics/Presentation: This game looks good, one of the best looking games on the Ps store. But that still does not help the bad gameplay. Level design is good but you may think that you have deja vu playing the levels, meaning that level's all look the same.

Last Note: $20, 1 hour- 2 hour gameplay, dumb AI, sluggish controls, repetitive gameplay, and lazy level design = a bad game. The only good is the cut scenes, which looks like the motion comic. Don't get this game, not even for a Watchmen fan. So don't expect to much out of this game. Go watch the movie or play Super Stardust HD, Burnout Paradise, or if you have a psp get Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. Watchmen + Beat 'em up = not a good idea.

Presentation: 5
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 4.5
Lifespan: 4
Overall: 5.8
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