Date: 03-27-2009 19:51
Reviewer: idkwho

Type: PSP
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Backbone Entertainment

This game is a mixed type of game, because it has anywhere from shooters, to other, non-describable genres. Some may fret by the small screen on the games, but there is an easy fix. Simply hit the select button until you get the right display. Guess what, there is even an orientation on some of the games, where the psp has to be flipped upright so the dpad is on the bottom, and the others on top. The game has a big disadvantage though, because, if your wlan switch is on, it will automatically turn on, and be searching for players.

Graphics: The graphics on this game is okay, about what you would expect from older classic games. But, you don't really notice much because the psp screen is smaller, and is harder to tell the graphics. It's not good graphic wise for the more graphic crazy people, like me, but, sometimes, the graphics don't count.

Sound: The games sounds are really good, for a fact. Although there not like Rock Band music, it's still pretty good. I, for one, don't really care that much for the sound. The quality is kind of like how the newer NES sounds were, or the PS1's. Like the older games, you wouldn't really expect much out of it.

Gameplay: There is not much to say, because all the games in this game are different. Although, one added bonus is that you can go to the pause menu, and change the buttons role, or even disable the button. It's pretty cool, and the analog stick, I think was nicely implemented into the games. Another plus on the button configurations is that you can assign more than one button to a a action. For instance, I could make the "Punch" configuration activated by and at the same time.

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8.9
Gameplay: 9.0
Overall: 8.8
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