Date: 04-24-2009 21:28
Reviewer: DUB

Type: PS3
Genre: Stealth action
Developer: Konami

Summary: MGS4 is a Stealth/Action game in which you play as Old Snake, or an older Solid Snake. He is infiltrating several battlefields in the year 2014, so there are some fake weapons. There are 5 acts, or locations. The online mode is called Metal Gear Online or MGO. It features Mic support and DualShock 3 (Vibration) I believe.

Campaign: As I said, there are 5 Acts or locations in MGS4 in the year 2014. The first is The Middle East, or a desert like place.The second is South America, a forest location.The third is Eastern Europe or a rainy Italy or something.The fourth is back to MGS1 in Shadow Moses Island, but don't worry there are only small unmanned weapons (mini gecko) and the occasional Gecko.Finally, a new place called Outer Haven, not Heaven, Haven. A big warship which Liquid Ocelot stole from underneath Shadow Moses Island. There are 70 weapons, all are guns except for the Stun Knife. Snake has a new sneaking suit called Octo-Camo which mirrors walls and floors properties almost perfectly.

Metal Gear Online: This is the online mode which requires installing every once in awhile and can get very annoying because it takes 3 hours mostly.There are many ranks to go up and many weapons to choose from. There are about 10 servers for matches if I am correct . Many games are filled with experts at MGS4 so always watch your six (back) and be alert. However, the online isn't perfect, this is due to extra installing time, the frequency that it has to be installed, and how long it takes to install.

Graphics: These are the best PS3 graphics I have ever seen. They are very realistic including blood, enemies, clothes, walls and floors, and most importantly the cut-scenes.

Controls: The main controls (walk, aim, shoot, squat, crawl, and switch weapon or item) are easy to learn. after playing the game for a while you can find how to roll, do hold-ups, etc. are clearer.

Campaign: 10
Metal Gear Online: 8.5
Graphics: 10
Controls: 10
Overall: 9.25
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