Date: 06-19-2009 16:25
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: FPS
Developer: DreamWorks Interactive

PS Store Description: The classic Medal of Honor franchise is back! Germans have invaded your country. Now you must take the battle underground and lead the resistance in the fight against tyranny.

Gameplay: MOH: Underground is a first person shooter, so like always worry about the controls. Unlike Rainbow Six, the controls are very good. It plays like classic Doom style gameplay, so there are no looking up and down. There is however an aiming system you do to get those head shots. Its like a zoom but not a zoom function (unless you put zoom on form the options menu). So this game ends up a "stop-and-pop" gameplay. It works very good with controls that you choose.I prefer putting the controls to analog and customize the buttons.

Fairly long game. I'm not saying it's long but you will spend time on it. There are 7 missions and a secret 8th mission when you beat it. One thing I like about the levels and the AI in this game, is that they would use the environment in a animation fashion. Like if you kill a person on a building they would fall off it, this has been used allot of times. But when you come up to them they would run to wall and hide. This AI was kinda of smart for being on a PS1 game. So all in all, AI is fairly smart in this game, which some games can't do. I do love all the weapons in the game, but hate how most levels have the tendency to have the same color scheme. But just be careful when putting it to he hardest difficulty, since AI get's smart and health carries through the level (If you low on health at the end of a level, you will have the same health the next level).

Last Note: You know what, this is a fairly good game. There is sadly no Ding Chavez, yes I know that he is only in Rainbow Six. Gameplay is solid with a very small learning curve. Fair amount of gameplay, smart AI, and a variety of weapons makes this game good. For only $5.99 this game is a steal. I highly recommend this game.

Presentation: 7.5
Graphics: 7
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 7
Overall: 7.3
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