Date: 07-14-2009 20:30
Author: Zahir


So you found some very cool PSP news, and you want to post it on PDC, but you are on PSP and don't wanna type out that whooolllleee looonnng URL! Well I have a solution for you!
STEP 1 - Go to the URL bar (that thing at the top)

STEP 2 - Look at the URL, and just press START. That's it. You'll see why you did that in a minute.

STEP 3 - Now go to where you want to put the link (In this case, in the new thread section of PDC) Make sure the text field is empty.

STEP 4 - Now go into the keyboard and press SELECT three times (The URL Keyboard)

STEP 5 - Now go to the "History" button. Hey, look! It's that URL! It has been saved in your input history!

See why we did that now?

STEP 6 - After you got the URL in the text field, Press the R Shoulder button and keep typing whatever you need to say. You can even use the up button in the keyboard to go and type before the URL.

Ta-Da! Success! You can type anything in the URL field and "paste" it the same exact way. :)

If you have any questions/problems , just let me know, and I will add it in this article!
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