Date: 07-15-2009 20:36
Reviewer: Cam

Type: PS3
Genre: Sandbox Racer
Developer: Criterion Games

If burning rubber doing donuts, ripping through traffic, screaming down I-88, going 250mp/h, and getting into horrible crashes is your game, it is Burnout Paradise.

Burnout Paradise features state-of-the-art graphics, superb computer racers, great music and simple controls; R2 is acceleration, L2 as a brake, for boost, and for E-brake.

Graphics: Burnout Paradise has some of the graphics for a racing game in High Definition. The graphics are awesome in the cut-scenes as well as when you crash out. :D The crashes are almost a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there are almost never two crashes alike. There are two graphic views for racing around Paradise City; behind the car, and bumper.

Sound: Burnout Paradise has some great music tracks that go along with the game such as ďParadise CityĒ (by Guns N Roses). Although, if you donít like the game's soundtracks, you can play custom tracks from your PS3ís Hard Drive. The sound is great for sound effects with the vehicles. With surround sound, you can hear if a rival if in the blind spot on your right hand side.

Gameplay: The Burnout Paradise gameplay is easier than most. You just need to win, win, win! The story can be harder sometimes then others, but if one event is too hard for you, you can try your luck at one of the other 115 events around Paradise City. Don't worry, if you get stuck around Paradise City, DJ Atomica from Crash FM will help you. There are two types of vehicles to choose from also: a car/truck/van, or a motorcycle. The events are split up for 4 wheeled vehicles and 2 wheeled vehicles; so if you are stuck in a race with a car, sorry; you canít try and win that race with a motorcycle! There are also 5 other objectives around Paradise City: Smash Gates, Burnout Billboards, Super Jumps, Showtime Road Rules, and Time Road Rules. Below are what each of those objectives mean:
    Smash Gates: Currently, there are 400 smash gates around Paradise city, smash into one to find a shortcut. Some shortcuts are longer than others though, and be careful with unknown smash gates during a race; they could take you off your course to the finish line! When you smash into a smash gate, it fills a bit of your boost bar.
    Burnout Billboards: The easy part of Burnout Billboards is finding them; the hard part is smashing them. There are 120 Burnout Billboards around Paradise City currently. Smashing Burnout Billboards fills a bit of your boost bar.
    Super Jumps: Flashing blue barricades can lead to some fun- a super jump! Super jumps are much bigger than regular jumps, and when you go off a super jump, it activates a camera to show you what your car looks like in the air. Going off super jumps also fills part of your boost bar.
    Time Road rules: Start at the start of the street, and zoom to the very end as quick as you can to set a time road rule. There are currently 64 time road rules to rules.
    Showtime: Showtime is Burnout Paradiseís mini game, you your boost to flip your car around in the air, and earn money by blowing cars up. Bigger cars are worth more, and some vehicles are even multipliers (such as a transit bus). The game ends when you run out of boost. You can refill your boost bar in Showtime by smashing cars and it fills up your boost bar a lot when you smash cars in tens, so when you smash ten cars, boost refill, 20 cars, same idea over and over again.

There are also 5 types of events in Paradise City- Burning Routes, Marked Man, Road rage, Race, and Stunt Run. Marked mans are when you try to get to a location before your car gets totaled off the road, the difficult part is that computer cars try and smash you off the road and take you down. Road rage is where you try and take down a certain amount of computer cars before the time runs out. A race is pretty simple- race to a location and finish in 1st place to win. A stunt run is where you need to know where all the good jumps, billboard, smashes, etc. are around the city. Rack up enough points before the timer runs out to win. A burnout route is simple- take a certain car and get to a location before the time runs out to grab a new ride.

Online: To play online in Burnout Paradise, just open up the Easy Drive menu and select play online! When you do so, you will be transported to the amazing online world of Paradise City, the map is the same, along with, Road rules, smashes, events, billboards, and super jumps. There are also 500 basic Freeburn challenges. Some are timed challenges, and others are freeburn challenges. Timed challenges are when you go somewhere, and the clock times you when you start doing another objective. A freeburn challenge is when you do an objective- un-timed. Burnout Paradise online also supports the PlayStation Microphone and PlayStation Eye. Crash into someone and wreck yours/their car, you send a mugshot or smugshot (requires PlayStation Eye). The maximum players in a lobby is 8, but sometimes is limited to 6.

This game is a great game for a worldwide price of $29.99 and lots of FREE updates which can add a lot of new cars and features, so if you donít have it, it is a must-have for all video game racing fans or anyone at all!
My scores are as follows:

Graphics: 10
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 10
Online: 10

Overall: 9.6/10
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