Date: 09-02-2009 23:47
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As you already know, image files already get thumbnails when browsing the [Photo] category on the XMB. However most find that the [Music] and [Video] categories are hit and miss.


Step 1) Get a .jpg or .thm image file with a resolution of 160x90 pixels.

Step 2) Rename it to the exact same name as the video you would like to thumbnail.

Step 2 Example

(click for larger image)

Step 3) Make sure the .jpg or .thm image file is located in the same folder as the video on your memory stick.

You should now have a thumbnail for your video.


Step 1) Open Media Go (other media programs can be used but Media Go is what I used for this guide).

Step 2) Connect your PSP to your computer via USB mode.

Step 3) Go to your music in Media Go, right click on the song you would like to thumbnail, and then select 'Properties' from the menu.

Step 4) Open the Artwork tab in the Properties window and click the "+ Add" button so that you can choose the thumbnail image you want attached to that particular song (this image can have any resolution, but it has to be a .png, .jpg, or .bmp file).

Example for Step 4

(click for larger image)

The image you select will be embedded into your music file. This is slightly different from the video thumbnails which remain as two separate files.

If you have any problems/questions for this guide, feel free to send me feedback using the link at the top of the article.
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