Date: 10-03-2009 09:23
Reviewer: Matt

Type: Minis
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Digital Eel

PS Store description: Brainpipe is a unique gaming experience. The ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. You do this by navigating the tunnels of your mind, exercising your hand-eye coordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of your inner self.

Collect the illuminated glyphs while avoiding the nasty obstacles. They may look all nice and shiny, even warm and inviting, but each brush with them brings you one step closer to eternal darkness!

Brainpipe is also an easy game to play, hearkening back to the classic arcade games of yesteryear. A one click interface keeps you focused on the action, instead of searching for the right key to press, and is a perfect complement to the soothing audio and visuals.

Gameplay: The first thing I would like say is that this game is a PSP Mini. So you can only compare the PSP Mini games to PSP Mini games. Most of these games also came out on phones, particularly the iPhone. This (I think) did not come out on phones but instead on PC and Mac computers. Also I would like to add that there is truly no genre that this game can falls under, so like the PS Store description says, I put it under arcade.

This game is very weird. All you do is collect illuminated glyphs, navigate, and get to the 10th level. That's the game, just collecting and moving on. You navigate though something like a wormhole, that looks very bland. Oh don't worry, this game has obstacles. Like gates, lasers, orbs, walls, and these things that are circle and go round n round.

The only buttons you use is the analog nub / d-pad and the . You use the D-pad to move and the button to slow-down. Very simple controls in my mind. This game has only 10 levels so it's very short. This game also has some use to its audio. Like when you slow-down the audio also slow-down, nothing very exciting though. You can also some times hear voices through levels which I found kinda random through the mix of this game.

Last Note: When they said "The PSP Minis are very simple" they really mean that. This game very odd. The game basically lays out the game and says "here, play it". There is nothing to this game. Yet, it's oddly fun and sometimes addicting. The music only appears in-between some parts of the level. Voices can randomly be herd. And there are some cool names on the high score board. For only $4.99, this game is a good buy (In PSP Minis sense).

Presentation: 6.5
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 6
Lifespan: 5.5
Overall: 6.3
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