Author: Sony
Date submitted: 03-31-2010 22:38

auto-playlists based on mood

Required Firmware: latest firmware version
Recommended: newest Media Go version

Media Go is recommended so that the PSP can actually make the "mood" playlists.

Language: All

Release information:

SensMe™ channels version 1.50 has been released.
In addition to music tracks that are transferred using "Media Go", music tracks that are transferred to a PSP™ system using a PlayStation®3 system or a music management application other than "Media Go" are now also categorized into channels.
You can now add music tracks to a block list so that they do not play.
You can now activate or deactivate the [Dynamic Normalizer] feature.

SensMe channels version 1.01 has been released.
Descriptions of some menu items in some languages have been revised.

SensMe channels version 1.00 has been released.

Download : SensMe Channels version 1.50
Size: 10MB, downloaded 65676 times

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