Date: 11-06-2009 08:07
Reviewer: Iyad

Type: Minis
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Virtual Toys

The game is not what I and MANY others have been expecting,This game is a ripoff version of the popular DS game "Cooking Mama". The 1st level you cook hot-dogs. They show you a simple tutorial before the game to teach you how to make them. Once you start the level its fun serving the people hot-dogs, but after 10-20 min, you will keep repeating the same thing OVER and OVER again. Which is just horrible.

The timer will start at 4:00 minutes,and it counts down to 0,and that's where the store closes,you'll have to serve your customers very fast,but the 1st prestige is very easy,not that many people come in one table,probably like 1-2. After serving them the food of their choice,the characters will eat and eat and eat. Which is very bad, since the characters and the food are like

GIF images being played over and over again. The food is not even held in their hands correctly, its like they just pasted it under the characters chin, and when he is biting and moving his hand the food just stays there. Until after a couple of bites then it gets smaller one time and then he finishes with a burp also.

The game has only 48 levels,which are 4 minutes long. So that's about 3 hours of gameplay.Once you finish the countless hot-dog levels, you start adding more ingredients until the next restaurant which is the pizzeria. After that is Tacos!

After you win all those levels,guess what happens? Yup you guessed right,you play them over again. But it gets harder,and well more glitchy. If you somehow finish all the levels again,you can choose to play Arcade mode. Shovel-ware has rushed the game and has failed.

One problem is that after a while the game reveals itself to be one-dimensional and therefore slightly limited. The restaurants differ in how they look and the tasks differ in terms of the meals youíre preparing, but the basic game mechanics start getting repetitive.

The final issue is that the sound and music in Cooking Jam are quite annoying.:blank

Overall, Cooking Jam has all the basics to be a really fun game. Itís just that the main ingredients havenít been mixed together well enough to create a truly tasty dish. Somehow the flavor has been slightly spoiled in the making.

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