Date: 11-09-2009 13:13
Reviewer: Failman

Type: PSP
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Transmission Games

Description: Heatseeker is an arcade-style flying game from IR Gurus, the same developer behind 2005's Heroes of the Pacific. Unlike Heroes, Heatseeker takes place in modern times and places you in the cockpit of some of today's most well-known fighter jets.

Graphics: The graphics are ok for a PSP game. Not hoping for super good graphics out of a game like this but i was surprised, the landscapes and the maps are vary dynamic. In each map, if you get close to the ground you can see buildings and some jets on the ground. I found that fun to look at being as some other fighter jet game's don't have much landscape. But I still had my problems. The graphics will drop randomly and when in combat with a fighter and than that fighter disappears, reappears, than will kill you is vary angering. Each jet looks vary good and vary detailed. I was vary surprised with the graphics.

Sound: Sadly all sounds seam the same. Each weapon make's sounds the same and don't even sound like they tried to make them realistic. But when you use your afterburners you get a sound that is vary real. I got too say when a bomb hits the ground it dose not make a 'Tomp!" sound.

Story: The good news is you don't need much of a story for what you're going to do in Heatseeker, which is blow stuff up. But if your one of the type that love story's than your going to be let down, Almost all your told to do is blow things up each mission just is blow them up style. But the story is about a Terrorist group trying to attack the base yada yada. This is sad being as even I forgot the story line and I love story line's.

Controls: The controls are vary goo. The controls are simple, you use your analog to move your plane up, down, left, right, and all the other controls just seem to work out. It well take you about 3 min to get used to it. Sadly you cant change the controls and that is something that I was hoping to be able to do.

Gameplay: Well I had a vary good time playing this game, When you get past the bad sounds and bad story line, its a vary good game. I was surprised when I started to enjoy what I was doing. The game it self dose not work but once you get into the cockpit of the fighter jet and start using your unlimited ammo on the enemy planes/ships/tanks you start to real all powerful. The game is vary hard even on easy. You got ad hoc for up too 4 players, you can have AI's control the empty spots if you don't got 4 friends to play with. If your looking for a air combat game I suggest you take a look at this game.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 5
Story: 2
Controls: 7
Gameplay: 8
Final Score: 7.5
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