Date: 12-13-2009 11:31
Reviewer: Mason

Type: PSP
Genre: Music
Developer: Harmonix

Rock Band Unplugged Lite is the only way to play Rock Band on the PSP Go (apart from the demo). Although a lite version of a game sounds bad, it is actually really decent, which i will go on to say why.

First of all, its only 3.19 (Or free with the PSP Go in NA), so it's not exactly expensive, and for that price you get five full songs included in the download, which are:
    'ABC' by Jackson 5
    'Ace Of Spades' by Motorhead
    'Buddy Holly' by Weezer
    'Everlong' by Foo Fighters
    'What's my age again?' by Blink 182

And also there is a free song to download, from the store:
    'Still Alive' by GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton

Of course, everyone has a different taste of music, so this list may appeal to some more than others. But, if you really don't like the songs included, or want more, you can download more from the in-game store, which also in this version includes all the songs from the UMD version of Rock Band Unplugged, plus the unplugged songs you can see on the PlayStation Store. This adds up to almost 100 songs, and their is quite a variety of rock too, from pop-rock to alternative to metal.

Another difference between this and the UMD version is that the tour mode is now slightly different, for the lack of songs if you buy no DLC. Now, you start the tour mode in your home town as usual, but depending on the amount of songs you have, you will not progress through the tour so much. So, the more songs you buy, the further you can get through the tour. I don't know how many songs you need until you can complete the story mode, but i can't yet with about 20 songs altogether.

The game itself apart from those 2 things is almost identical to the UMD version, with the only other difference being the shorter loading times. You can still customize band mates, and choose their instruments and clothes etc. The quality of the sound and graphics is still brilliant. Since i don't really want to repeat everything ive said in my last review, you can see more about the game play and such here.

So on a final note, it is a great package for PSP owners, and not too disappointing for people wanting the full version because you can just download the songs you want, and be happy. It also has some one-ups on the UMD version like shorter loading times, and is perfect for the portability of the PSP Go. My final verdict is:

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Overall: 9
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