Date: 12-31-2009 15:00
Author: Jesse

We're slowly creeping up on our 3 year anniversary and I'm pleased to say the site is flourishing better now than ever before. I thank everyone in our little community who goes out of their way to help others and support the site via article submissions and donations. I want to say more don't to Bogart the homepage so click the Read more... link to view the rest.

First off, let me congradulate smish34 for winning the Comic Contest hosted by Armyofgod. He has won 12 months worth of donatorship and if you haven't checked out his work yet look below for click-able resized images that are hopefully PSP friendly (the very large original images can be found HERE).

I'd also like to mention that having demos continue to come out in non-DRM form is great for everyone. The last few days I've been able to put up something for everyone and even though the ESRB Ratings thing is more of a joke it still goes to show you that anything is possible when it comes to the PSP.
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