Date: 01-11-2010 23:52
Reviewer: ?

Type: PS3
Genre: Interactive art
Developer: .theprodukkt

When .deTuned first came out, i thought it was very stupid and boy was i right...
This is the second Interactive art game to hit PSN, first was Linger in Shadows which is kinda cooler then this, but thats for another review.

You basically make a guy dance and move to your music, you can make him into a balloon, a creepy nose thing, a elephant, etc. you use x, square, triangle, and circle to transform him. Left Analog stick to pump which makes him dance, and the Right analog stick to rotate the camera.

Graphics:Ehh, they're aright. You just looking at guys and buildings, so you don't need the graphics to be great.

This is the reason i bought it, you get 10 trophies. 4 5 1

Last words:
Its a great game for music lovers, but if you like shooting and/or killing people, don't pick this up.

Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 6
Replayability: 8
Trophies: 10
Overall: 7
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