Date: 01-15-2010 02:09
Reviewer: ?

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Dimps

ahhh, DBZ, one of the best anime and fighting game out there.
I remember playing Budokai 1 on my bros Gamecube, those was the days.
But, anyway lets move on shall we

Alot of people want to buy a DBZ game more if they like the Saga it is in.
SBAR takes place in the Majin Buu Saga, which is one of the greatest if i do say so myself, if it was in the GT Saga it would have made it all the better.

If you played DBZ before, you already know the gameplay, but i'll list it for the leftout
You past the Story Mode by fighting other fighters basicailly, the story mode is called "Another Road"(Clever, right?)
You get to choose different missions in some levels, they also added "Field Play" to the story mode, 'Field Play' is when you fly around choosing which fighter you want to fight and protecting the citys from the evil fighters
You get side-missions like "Don't lose a fight" or "Don't let a citys health fall below 30%.
You get 8 chapters to complete, each should take about 20 mins to completely beat.
the fighting is perfect, the controls are pretty much the same as the console versions with somethings changed here and there.

Perfect, just perfect.
backgrounds are good, characters are great, perfectly made have not seen a flaw yet. Thats pretty much it, i don't know what else to say so moving on!

Ahhh, the sounds of grunting, panting and pain....
The menu music is fine, i guess. Ki blasts, punching, kicking and special attacks/Ultimate attacks sounds are just like they are suppose to be lol
Oh, and the characters talk trash and stuff beforethe round starts.

Other modes
you get a few other modes than Story and Ad-Hoc.
you get tourament, which is a....tourament.
You get Z-Trail, which has 3 different modes.
Survive and beat as many fighters as you can.

"Time Attack"
Beat a set number of fighters while getting a good time, you get 3 Time Attacks i believe.

Do what it tells you to lol

You also get a "Profile card" which is a pic you can fix to your liking' you use "Stamps" to fix it up, you can buy stamps from the shop or earn them in Z-trail or story. Your Profile card is only shown to your Ad-Hoc friends.

This is the reason i got this game, me and my bros loved multiplayer on the console versions, they made it almost the same as the console versions.
It lags most of the time, not badly, just freezes for about a second.
Its fun playing with friends and brothers, i say buy the PSS version to share with your bros.

Last words
Get this, if you like the series or fighting games buy this, for $14.99 its a steal.

Story: 7.5
Graphics: 10
Sound: 8
Ad-Hoc: 9
Overall: 9
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