Date: 01-18-2010 00:31
Reviewer: KyubiNarutoRasengan

Type: PS3
Genre: Action
Developer: Konami

Frogger Returns is the 18th game in the Frogger series and the first for the PlayStation 3. The game is $4.99 on the PlayStation Store and as of 1/17/10 it is the 2nd most downloaded item on the PlayStation Store. The game is 55 MB.

Frogger Returns has 4 total levels which are the pond, commute, sewer, and the swamp. To complete each level, you must bring your frog to each of the 5 platforms. There are multiple power-ups in the game that help you such as invincibility, extra time, reverse mode, and freeze. Like each other Frogger game, if you get hit by an enemy or fall in the water or obstacle, you die. The enemies are rats, hawks, and alligators.

The game has 4 total trophies with 1 and 3 . You gain the trophies by completing each level. You can earn them in any of the game's modes. With the trophies I gained half a level.

Final Opinion:
I think that this game is somewhat worth it. For Frogger fans, I think this game is pretty good. For trophy hunters, this game is a must buy. The game's replay level is around below-moderate as it is kind of boring but with multiplayer mode, the game's replayability is probably moderate. The graphics are okay but I would expect more from a PS3 game. The game also repeats the same song over and over again which is annoying.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 6
Sound: 5
Multiplayer: 7
Lifespan: 6
Total: 6.4
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