Date: 01-18-2010 16:52
Reviewer: Iyad

Type: Minis
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: EA

Behold! The classic puzzler Tetris has arrived in style as a Psp Mini. With a new look and new features, It's well worth a re-visit. Shall we begin?

You guys know how to play tetris,right? You stack differently shaped objects to form one line (horizontally) to lower the number of "Lines".In each round(in this case,round one) you start with 5 lines needed for you to clear up,everytime you clear a line the number drops to 4..3..2.etc,after you clean the first 5 lines,the game gets a little difficult,telling you to clear 10 lines..then 20..and after you reach the maximum lines cleared (30).You can hop in any round you wish to play,(Round 15 being the hardest because of its speed.) You dont need to unlock any levels in career mode.The game is easy for Beginners (like me) since theres an option for disabling/enabling "Ghosting" which allows you to see the "ghost" of an object before it comes down to the platform.

There are quite some new and pleasant features packed in with this awsome mini;

"Variants": Are gamemodes that have the same objective of Tetris's Career mode,but in different fun styles you will have one already unlocked,and will need to unlock the others by playing the career mode.Here are a couple of Variants.
MAGNECTIC: Clear 40 lines while blocks are attracted to each side of the matrix.
TREADMILL: Clear 40 lines in a matrix that shifts sideways.
SCANNER: Prepare as many lines as you can before the scanner clears them.

Each of these all have 15 rounds,which are replayable anytime.

There are "PRO Trainers" in the game which have 2 submenus;
Master replay: Allowing you to watch the gameplay of Proffessional tetris players.(Helps you learn techniques.)
Glossary: Gives the definiton of each Tetris term used in the game. [Example: Tspin: "A Tspin can be used to clear lines to make a Tspin single,double or even triple."]

Sound and Music:
The music in this game contains very catchy techno music which makes your gameplay even funner.The music changes every 10 lines you clear in a variant or in career mode,adding a more "Dramatic" feel to the game and makes you want to keep playing for hours.
The sound effects match the game completely,having a unique sound for moves you make,and everytime you drop down a move to the platform.

Replay value:
The game is a "Beat your highscore" kind of game,allowing you to play a round in career mode,or in a Variant any number of times you want.And has 15 levels,allowing you to replay any level,which gives the replay value of this game a 10/10.

Final note:
This game is well worth the $6.99,or previously $9.99 of your money,its a real fun game to play if your bored,and I absolutely recommend the Tetris mini. :D

Replay Value:10
Overall: 9.25
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