Date: 01-19-2010 18:18
Reviewer: Halladay

Type: Minis
Genre: Action
Developer: G5 Entertainment

Welcome to Stand O'food! Manage the kitchen as you deliver the orders to your customers. Purchase upgrades, package food, and become the best Chef in town!

Presentation: You control yourself, the rising chef. You'll travel from restaurant to restaurant, earning your spot with each promotion. The idea is nice, and with increaing customers and levels of difficulty, you'll be sure to struggle along the way.

Gameplay: The mechanics in Stand o'Food are very simple; assemble and serve. The ingredients are already prepared, but it's your job to put them in correct order and satisfy the customer with speedy service. The gameplay is consistant throughout the entire game, with increasing levels of difficulty within the 100 levels you'll face. Upgrades are available to relieve your struggles, but you mmust make cash to spend it, where a nice tutorial is included to assist you. Money is earned by the satisfaction of your customers. Fast serving will earn you fast cash, where slow serving will do just the opposite. With hungrier consumers waiting around every block, you'll be sure to use these upgrades which include: a mechanical arm to speed up the process, boxed packaging which enables you to assemble the meal in any order, and others that will surely help you out.

Graphics: The designs are simple, but effective in portraying your simple kitchen role. Different customer styles add to the feeling of progress, and the ingredients designs are also also simple, but allow you to quickly identify the needed item. There isn't much detail, although this contributed to the gamplay.

Sound: The sound is typical for a fast food restaurant, with minor changes throughout each promotion to a new diner. these basic tunes will get you into the chef mentality, and will help get into the flow of serving your customers.

Replay Value: Increasing levels of difficultly will keep the kitchen fresh, and the addicting gameplay will will have you playing over and over, eager for your promotion. The gameplay is the same throughout the entire game, but as metioned the difficulty and 100 levels will cause for few and far between breaks. Different game modes are available, whether you feel like advancing in Quest Mode, or rushin in Lunch Rush.

Final Word: Stand O'Food is a game which is worth every penny. The most efficient game in terms of length and productivity, the low Mini pricetag is a steal. The kitchen is calling. I suggest you answer.

Presentation: 7
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 7
Replay Value: 8
Overall: 7.4
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