Date: 01-19-2010 19:56
Reviewer: Halladay

Type: PSP
Genre: Action / Adventure
Developer: Traveller's Tales

Welcome to the world of Lego! Take charge of Batman and defend the streets of Gotham from various villains. Then switch it up and be the bad guy! Take control of Arkham Asylum's darkest villains and cause trouble amongst Gotham City.

Which side will you choose?

Presentation: You Play as Batman & Robin while you run, jump, and glide through Gotham City. The villains of Arkham Asylum have all banded together and escaped, and plan to overtake Gotham City. It's your job to stop the bad guys using special abilities to thwart the villains attempts. Then you can turn over and become the villain. Play as the Joker, Clayface, and much more as you cause trouble in Gotham, and fight off batman and the gang. Lego Batman is off to a good start.

Gameplay: Lego Batman plays similarly to other games in the Lego series. With mechanics we've seen before, DC has managed to keep it fresh with different gameplay techniques and abilities. Batman & Robin have plenty of abilitiy suits that will assist you in the game, and getting those hard to reach studs, not to mention fighting your enemies. Whether it's a demolition derby or a gliding attack, Lego Batman has you covered. Enemies are simple, and can be defeated in a few puches and/or kicks. Grappling and the Baterang are nice touches, adding more ways to defeat your opposition. There is plenty of problem solving sections in each level, which can be complex and fun, with plenty of space to explore in each stage. There are many unlockables and bonus content for you to collect, which will add special features to your gameplay when enabled. The variety of charcaters adds to the excitement, each with different abilities. Use super strength, mind control, and others to dispose of the enemy in any fashion you feel is neccesary. Loading times are quite long, and can be a hassle at some points. You are able to switch between 2 characters at any given time, or a cast of characters in Free Play which is available for each level when completed. The other character is an AI, which is quite impressive.

Graphics: The appearance of Lego Batman are comparable with most other Lego games. Smooth movement and nice transition in environments helps to further enjoy the gameplay. The level areas are mostly dim and take place during the night, with great effects when destroying a Lego item. The detail is average for a Lego type installment.

Sound: What can I say? The music is what you expect from a Batman game, with not much change in tone throughout the different stages. It seems like the music is reseting every minute, as it gets boring and drags on. The only change are the Boss battles, in which a more upbeat tune is played.

Replay Value: Pleny of unlockables and bonus content will have you busy for months, although some familiar gameplay mechanics will have you putting it down in between. The character selection is fantastic, with many characters that you've only imagined fighting crime with. Play as Alfred, Darkwing, Catwoman, and all the villains you love to hate. Even create your own character and journey the streets of Gotham! Vehicles are unlockable also, which will change up the gameplay every once in a while.

Final Word: Lego Batman is a nice game to add to your Lego collection. Even if you haven't picked up a Lego title, this is a great start. Lego Batman plays like a $15 - $20 game, and fortunately thats exactly what it is. I recommend giving this a go, but if you've played Lego games before, this may seem familiar.

Presentation: 8
Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 7
Sound: 5
Replay Value: 9

Overall: 7.2
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