Date: 03-30-2010 15:55
Reviewer: KyubiNarutoRasengan

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighter
Developer: CyberConnect 2

Hey PDC, I am reviewing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 for PSP!

Story Mode:
Unlike the original Ultimate Ninja Heroes, this game has a good plot. The first mode you play is Mugenjo. You take the role of Naruto and the game starts when the village spots a mysterious castle floating above Kohona. Soon villagers begin to lose their souls and they drop dead on the streets. Naruto and others go into the castle and fight 99 floors to the top. Along the way you recruit other ninja who are also fighting to the top to stop the castle and save the peoples souls. In each floor, you can either have a battle, mini-game, or a drama cut-scene. Once you finish the Mugenjo, you unlock Hidden Mugenjo which shows how Jiraya experienced going to the bottom 30 floors to help Naruto out.

Honestly, this game has no better graphics than the original game.

The fighting is nothing new, push the button hundreds of times to attack. However, 2 new stages, 2 new characters, and new jutsu make the game more interesting.

Each level where you fight on has different music to add more variety. You can also change the characters voice to Japanese if you want the original voices.

The game has mulitple modes which are Ninja Road where you use your NP from battles to earn new things, both Mugenjo Modes, a Heroes Mode where you can build a team of 1-3 ninja and fight battles with them, and Vs. Mode where you can fight against the computer or a friend with the game.

The game has Ad-hoc and Game Sharing.

This game has MAJOR upgrades over the original game so this is a must! This game has 2 new characters, 2 new stages, 3 new mini-games (well actually, this game introduces mini-games) and new jutsu/special jutsu. The previous version allowed you to use your NP to upgrade your character but now it is replaced by the Ninja Road where you use your NP to get new media. Overall, I think this game is worth upgrading.

Graphics: 7
Story Mode: 9
Sound: 8
Other Features: 9
Total: 8.25
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