Date: 04-13-2010 02:51
Reviewer: Chris

Type: PSP
Genre: Stealth/Action
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Splinter Cell Essentials is a stealth game in which players take control of Sam Fisher, an ex Splinter Cell. The game takes off sometime after the events of Splinter Cell Double Agent. The game tells the told and untold stories of Sam Fisher throughout his years as a Navy Seal, a Splinter Cell, a convict and his undercover operative working for a terrorist organization.

Now there are a lot of good things about this game, the stealth is almost just as good as the console versions of the game, there are still a lot of moves such as the ability to drop down from a high place to knock a person unconscious, hanging from ledges and pipes, choosing whether or not to knock someone unconscious or kill them, and the normal stuff you can do in the typical games. The game features alarms being raised when you are spotted as found in the other games, some missions will be failed if you raise the alarm a certain amount of times.

The graphics aren't exactly top notch, but they're not horrible either. One gripe I have with the game is the camera control, because in order to make it get to the angle you want, you must hold the circle button down. Some players could get used to it but I find it an annoyance. Sometimes the enemy AI don't seem to bright, as they may take moment to react to you. The sound is average, nothing really new or amazing about it.

The game does feature ad-hoc mode, it's 2 vs 2 spy mode and the only objective is to eliminate the other team, there aren't any other modes other than elimination. The game play can also be a bit laggy with 3 or 4 people, no matter how close you are to each other. Also note that people with the UMD version and downloaded version can not play with each other due to a difference in media.

There is one final gripe about the downloadable version of the game compared to the UMD that I found quite annoying, for whatever reason, the game doesn't run too good off of a memory stick, even in single player. On a PSP Go's system storage, it's okay, but still lags a tad bid compared to the UMD version.

So overall, I think that if you have the extra cash to spend, you may want to look into this game, it's only $19.99/15.99 off the PlayStation Store and it's fun, yet challenging if you haven't played it before.

Graphics: 7
Story Mode: 8
Sound: 6
Content: 7
Total: 7
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