Date: 04-13-2010 03:27
Reviewer: Chris

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Aki Corporation, EA Canada

One of my more favorite fighting games, Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover is a hip-hop 3-D fighting game that incorporates music into the action. The game features a number of rapper icons who fight against each other in gangs to be the best of the best. You are allowed to create your own character and choose his fighting style(s).

The story of the game is that you're a man in Brooklyn who lives on the streets when you're character notices a cop abusing a another man, so you step in and help him out by fighting the cop. Unfortunately, the cop ruins your life by making you unemployable due to what you did and soon the heat forces you to leave and live on your own. The man you saved noticed the talent you have and introduces you to a gang and fighting as a career, where you make your way to the top of the best fighters.

The game play features five different fight styles: kick boxing, street fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and submissions. You start off with one style but later on you are able to choose up to a maximum of 3 for your character, in which you can choose the same one over and over to become an expert in that field or have a mix of any of the 5 styles in any way you want. The game features special moves called "Blazin'" moves that once you fill up the Blazin' meter, you can perform. There are around 60 or 70 different moves and they basically act as a fatality, but can be performed at any moment and don't always kill your opponent, but do inflict a massive amount of damage. You can assign up to four moves at once to your directional pad and in my opinion, a lot of the moves are pretty wicked. Usually before a fight, characters taunt one another and sometimes it leads to an unfair advantage to the start of the round as a character may get hit with an item such as a glass bottle or be tackled to the ground.

The graphics are rich, I notice no slow-downs in the game and the sound is pretty good if you're into rap or hip-hop as there's quite a bit of music.

There are many characters that a lot of you could be familiar with, even if you don't listen to the genre of music. There's Snoop Dog, Ice-T, Sean Paul, Ludacris and many more that I don't feel like naming.

The game does feature a multiplayer head-to-head mode, which is only ad-hoc, but includes one-on-one, Window Match in which a player can be thrown out a window to their death, Subway Match in which a player can be thrown in front of a subway train and be ran over, Demolition Match in which your objective is to use your opponent's body to bust up their ride, Cage Match, and finally Ring Out.

Other features are unlockables, extras and Beat Box which lets you choose which music to play and not play in the game, which I find handy if you don't like certain songs.

So overall, this game is awesome and if you're looking for a really good fighting game I highly recommend this game, you can buy it off the PlayStation Store for only $9.99 and do not let the price fool you, this is an excellent fighting game especially if you like rap or hip-hop, even if you don't I'd still recommend it for the gameplay itself.

Graphics: 9
Story Mode: 8
Sound: 9
Features: 9
Total: 8.75
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