Date: 04-13-2010 04:02
Reviewer: Chris

Type: PSP
Genre: Platform/Puzzle
Developer: Japan Studio

Yet another installment in the LocoRoco series, the 4th I believe, the adorable little LocoRoco return in the game to a carnival ran by the BuiBui, a red, mischievous version of the MuiMui.

There's not much of a story really, the LocoRoco were sleeping when the BuiBui decided to take them to the Midnight Carnival. The objective of the game is to basically make it through the Midnight Carnival in one piece.

The game consists of about 16 stages, with a few mini-games and bonus stages. The levels are fairly easy to beat, except for a few which I found to be quite frustrating. If you liked the previous LocoRoco games for PSP, you may find this one to be quite short compared to the first 2 games. You are able to customize your LocoRoco with neat little trinkets to give it a look, I prefer my Black LocoRock with the white chef hat. The game features a new bouncing system called the "Super Jump" ability which is a combo system of when you repeatedly bounce off of surfaces, interruptions in the combo which can be caused by touching deadly surfaces, being attacked, or stopping for more than a second will result in you losing your bounce combo, you can also lose it if it exceeds 100. If you are able to eat all of the fruit type things and/or keep your bounce all the way to the end, you get an extreme points bonus and it can be quite hard to do because of the bounce limit, meaning that if you want that perfect score you have to eat all the items, as fast as you can, without losing your bounce which does mean you're limited to the 100 bounces. So basically, it can be quite a challenge.

The graphics are pretty good, I'd say it's fairly the same compared to the other 2 titles. The soundtrack is just as good too, listening to the LocoRoco sing along is pretty cool to me.

The game does feature a ad-hoc multiplayer mode, which can be versus or co-operative which supports up to 4 players. Your LocoRoco don't really interact with each other but instead you get an icon telling you where they are in the level. There is an infrastructure mode within the game, but it's only for posting high scores and as a bonus, people who are in the top 10 high scores of a level are able to upload their gameplay footage (which is mentioned below) so others can download.

Other features include the ability to take photos that go into your XMB photos category and record gameplay up to 10 minutes in length. There's also one DLC pack for some new levels up in the PlayStation store that adds 3 new levels for

So overall, the game is pretty fun for some quick entertainment, it's short yet addictive and I had plenty of fun with it. The multiplayer adds to the fun if you have friends to play with, taking photos and recording gameplay is a very nice feature. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the LocoRoco series and to anyone who wants a cheap, yet fun game.

Graphics: 9
Story Mode: 7
Sound: 9
Features: 9
Total: 8.5
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