Date: 04-13-2010 07:22
Reviewer: Mason

Type: Minis
Genre: Tower Defence
Developer: Candy Stand

Vector TD is a simple tower defence game, replacing the usual towers and such found in other games for simple neon-like vector icons. The game can take place over 8 different maps, which range from beginner levels, to more 'extreme' levels. Don't think you'd be skipping to the extreme levels straight away though, because there's one thing about the game: it's quite hard. But that's a good thing. It's also a game you will get addicted to. Which i suppose is also a good thing.

The basics of the game is like any other tower defence. You have a map, you get waves or enemies going around it, trying to steal your precious lives, and you place towers to try and stop them achieving their goal. You get a range of towers in the game, first being the green lasers, which is a constant laser stream, but deals low damage. You then have the red range of weapons, which are mainly based around firing rockets. Next up is the purple powers, which are strong, but fire less often. Finally, you have the nicely named 'blue rays', which slow down targets for you, giving your other towers around it more time to fire at the enemy vectoids. Towers can also be upgraded, which is handy, and you can also set the towers strategy's, like making them focus on the weakest enemies, which is helpful if you want to win. Obviously, the more powerful a tower, the more it is going to cost you. You get money by defeating the enemies. Every 5 waves (out of 50), you also get a special enemy to fire at, and if you do take it out, you will get a choice of 4 power ups to use. These power ups can be as simple as getting more profit per wave of enemies, to upgrading the power and range of towers built around the power up tower. These towers make the game a bit more special, and will help you when the waves get harder.

More to the graphics of the game, it's very simple, but that's because it's retro - based, which gives a nice feel to it. Added with a bit of polish, and they look superb on my PSP Go screen. On the PS3 however, they don't look as nice, but you can understand that because it's low res on a big screen. There isn't much to the sound on this game either, with only a simple looping soundtrack in the background, and no real sound effects to speak of, which is a bit of a let down.

However, id say this game has alot of re-playability, and could be played for hours when you get addicted to it., It can also be played in small bursts too, which is good for short trips on the bus and such. So that's why i would highly recommended buying it, especially for it's low entry price. If you do want to try before you buy, there is the flash version on the companies website, which is very similar to the minis version.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 4
Gameplay: 10
Overall: 9
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