Date: 04-14-2010 00:51
Reviewer: Chris

Type: Minis
Genre: Platform/Puzzle
Developer: Half Brick Studios

Blast Off, a game about blasting off your spaceship from a planet in order to save astronauts and make it to the goal.

The gameplay is fairly simple, you use the analog stick to control the spaceship and the button for the throttle. While on the planet, you have a blast off meter that you hold down to power up, the farther it goes, the more power you use to get off the planet. While floating in space, you must rescue a certain number of astronauts, sometimes not all of them are required to open the goal. A big thing about the game is that there are obstacles, usually asteroids, planets or black holes. They each have their own gravitational pull, weak or strong, and if they pull you in enough to make you come into contact with it, you'll lose a life. You also have a fuel tank and oxygen meter, meaning that if you use up too much fuel or take too much time and your oxygen runs out, you lose a life also, so time is of the essence! There are 4 levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to insane, but instead of the same levels being harder, they're all just completely different levels.

The graphics are average, frame rate stays constant and the music isn't really unique or anything.

And unfortunately there are no other features other than depending on how you do on a level, you get a bronze, silver or gold medal.

So overall, this game is fairly fun and good to pass time with. I think it's worth the $2.99, even though it's not too exciting, and if you have the extra cash it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 7
Sound: 6
Features: 6
Total: 6.75
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