Date: 04-18-2010 11:36
Reviewer: Ebram

Type: Minis
Genre: Sports
Developer: EA

Bowling 3D is basically a bowling game developed by EA. There are no aims or levels for this game, it is just free play, except for a few awards that you can win. Yet, in my opinion, it is one of the best PSP minis out there.

Ok, so lets start with the gameplay. The game play is quite simple and you only use the D-pad plus the and buttons. You use the the D-pad to decide from where you are going to throw the ball. The button is to confirm the place you are going to throw the ball from, the power, the direction the ball moves to, and the spin. Note that the power, direction and speed indicators are moving and not still and you have to press the button at the correct timing to select the power, direction and spin you want. This is the only trick of the game!

As for the game modes, there is a classic game (normal game), 3 game series where you play 3 games in a row and the best score is saved, strike-0-Thon where you must score only strikes and Spare-0-Thon where you can score spares and strikes. That's in addition to practice and quick play which chooses a random lane and ball, and you can decide from the options what game mode you want it to be the quick play. Note that you are able to choose one of three lanes and a ball from 9 colourful balls.

The game also supports the "Press n' Play" multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can play together on the same system in turns.

As for the extras, the game has a good "Help" feature that teaches you the game and supports every tiny bit in the game. The game has an auto-save feature too and the ability to change your name at any time.

As for the graphics, the are very good and colorful. As for the sounds, there isn't much music...only the menu music.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8.5
Sounds: 5
Multiplayer: 5
Features: 8.5
Total: 7
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