Date: 05-06-2010 16:29
Author: Mason


The following can be utilised with the bluetooth function on the PSP Go (Only on PSP Go since other models don't support bluetooth):

DualShock 3/Sixaxis Tethering
Tether a PS3 controller to your PSP Go, so you can play your PSP with the controller. Works well combined with TV-Out, and also works well for PS1 games, because you can take advantage of Rumble (DualShock 3 and compatible games only) and the extra buttons.

Headphone Tethering
Use compatible bluetooth headphones on the PSP for sound output, just like normal wired headphones.

Headset Tethering
Use compatible bluetooth headsets for microphone abilities in compatible games, and on Skype. Also can be used for sound output.

Mobile Internet
(Requires Firmware 6.10 or later)
Tether your PSP Go to a compatible mobile phone to take advantage of access to the mobile web over 3G/WAP connections on mobile internet devices (including compatible phones).
(disclaimer: only certain features are available using a bluetooth modem, online gameplay isn't available)
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